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News Release

IPF Japan 2020 Virtual (online exhibition)

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IPF Japan 2020 Virtual (online exhibition)
Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. will exhibit at IPF Japan 2020 Virtual (International Plastic Fair), which will be held online from November 18th (Wednesday) to 20th (Friday) 2020.
At this exhibition, we would like to introduce high-performance engineering plastic materials, SF products (structural foam injection molding products), and conveyor belt products, which will help for designing and selecting products that will be matched your applications.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Our Booth

Featured Products

■Engineering Plastics and SF products

Featuring high-performance engineering plastic materials such as Cast-Nylon, UHMW-PE and POM, and SF products (Structural Foam injection molding products) with properties of thick molding, high rigidity and light weight. Also we will hold online seminars of engineering plastic materials, SF products, and the new Food Sanitation Law of Japan.

■Conveyor Belt

Featuring "Premium Print In“, our printing technology for light conveyor belt. To protect the printing on belt, transparent special resin cover is coated on the surface of belt. It keeps printed part clear and prevents printing to be rubbed off, enables complex logo marks or photos printing.

Interactive period November 18th ~ 20th, 2020 10:00 ~ 18:00
URL https://www.ipfjapan.jp/english/ (IPF Japan 2020 Virtual Top page)
https://www.ipfjapan.jp/2020/search_en/?id=465(Exhibitor search)
↓Our virtual booth is here(accessible from November 18th.)↓
※You can access these sites until May 21st, 2021.


Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.
Public Relations, President's Office
Phone: +81 78-685-5604

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