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News Release

New Building completed at the Shiga Plant

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New Building completed at the Shiga Plant

 Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. (Head Office: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan) has been sequentially upgrading the buildings and facilities of its domestic and overseas business sites from a long-term perspective to ensure business continuity in accordance with its Mid-Term Business Plan (FY2021-2023).

 With the aim of strengthening our global production system, we have completed construction of a new plant building at the Shiga Plant for the twisting of tensile cords, one of the components of transmission belts. This will enable us to further stabilize the supply of tensile cords to our production bases in domestic and overseas.

 We will continue to promote the review and restructuring of our global production system.

Overview of the New Plant

  • Address : 100-2, Terakubo, Makino-cho Takashima, Shiga

  • Start of operation : April, 2022

  • Total floor area : 2,327m2

  • Total investment : 900 million Yen ( building and facility )


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