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News release

FOOMA JAPAN (2015 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition) Exhibit

June 1, 2015

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Mitsuboshi Belting, Ltd., will have an exhibit at FOOMA JAPAN (2015 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition) focused on the "Tailorbelt Tailor Processing" new plastic belt manufacturing concept in an attempt to expand sales in the food manufacturing area.
At this venue, we will introduce the first "Hybrid Silicone Belt" food item conveyor belt, print-retaining "Premium Print In", "Blue Belt" for system products and other new products with additional new features.

Main Exhibits

Plastic conveyor belt
Mamaline Series
Hybrid Silicone Belt Utilizes a hybrid silicone with a high degree of releasability on the belt surface (reference exhibit)
Teflon Coating Belt Employs fluoroplastics with superior heat resistance and releasability on the belt surface
Blue Belt Addition of two varieties to system products (for round conveyors and portflex). 13 varieties total in lineup.
Plastic Conveyor Belt
Tailor Processing
Premium Print In Canvas specification enabling Premium Print Processing with superior releasability for bread dough, etc., that never disappears
Premium Fasteners Joins belt ends using plastic hooks and pins
Premium BTR Profile New manufacturing process for horizontal mount welds with no difference in levels, hygienic as it leaves no residue
Engineering plastic Cleanpe Series Lineup of antimicrobial tested (JISZ2801) and mildew resistance tested (JISZ2911) materials compliant with Food Sanitation Laws
PIM Compliant Materials Plastic materials lineup compliant with European Plastics Implementing Measure (PIM)

Exhibition Information
FOOMA JAPAN (2015 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition)

Host The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association
Duration Tuesday, June 9–Friday, June 12, 2015
Venue Tokyo Big Site (Booth 1D-23)



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