Electronic materials and coating materials
Electronic materials and coating materials

High-temperature firing conductive paste

Conductive pastes are used to form electrodes and electric circuits on ceramic substrates.

Our conductive pastes, including silver paste and copper paste, are compatible with substrates made ofaluminum nitride and alumina, and offer superior post-plating adhesiveness reliability.
We offer a lineup of products for use in screen printing, via filling and overprinting.

Silver paste MDot

  • High adhesiveness reliability with various types of ceramic substrates
  • Offers migration resistance and can be UL796 certified
  • Includes no Pd and offers superior anti sulfuration

High adhesiveness reliability

Silver paste (post-plating)/alumina substrate

High adhesiveness reliability

Silver paste (post-plating)/aluminium nitride substrate

Silver paste (post-plating)/aluminium nitride substrate

Migration resistance

Migration resistance

(Evaluation conditions)

Atmosphere: 85°C, 85%RH
Voltage: DC 100 V
Wiring space: 0.3 mm

Anti sulfuration (plating)

Corrosion testing using hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are performed on Ni/Pd/Au plated silver electrodes. As a result, there is no change in color due to sufuration. (Conventional products blacken due to sulfuration.)

Gas corrosion test conditions

H2S concentration 50ppm
Temperature 40°C
Humidity 85%RH
Testing time 96hrs

Example of use

LED and passive component wiring and electrodes

Copper paste CUX


  • Superior adhesiveness and durability for ceramic substrates
  • Nickel platable
  • Lineup also available for via filling and overprinting
  • Pb-free, eco-friendly
  • Example of plating Cu membrane surfaceExample of copper pattern with plated Ni/Au
  • Example of hole filling (cross section)Example of via filling (cross section)


  • For screen printing
  • For nitrogen firing at 800°C-900°C
  • For alumina and aluminum nitride substrates

Example of use

For various circuit boards, chip component electrodes, LED packages, thermoelectric modules, boards for power control modules, etc.

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