Electronic materials and coating materials
Electronic materials and coating materials

Silver nano particle-related products

MDot is a silver nano particle Mitsuboshi Belting developed using proprietary technologies.

Through optimal particle size distribution and the use of a special surface-activating agent, MDot promotes sintering even at low-temperature firing (120-300°C), allowing for the formation of intricate and low-specific-resistance conductive layers.

Applying MDot to conductive pastes, electrically conductive adhesive and sintering auxiliary agents result in superior characteristics (electrical characteristics, adhesiveness, thermal conductivity) with low-temperature firing, which was not achievable in the past.

Low-temperature firing conductive paste MDot


  • Low specific resistance
  • Low contact resistance

The addition of MDot enables low-temperature sintering of metal particles and achieves low specific resistance.

Silver nano particle-related products2
Specific resistance
120°C firing 6.5 x 10-6
150°C firing 4.5 x 10-6
300°C firing 2.5 x 10-6

Example of use

  • Resin substrates, wiring, electrode formation
    Using the screen printing method to form wiring and electrodes on polycarbonate, PET, polyimide and other resin substrates
  • Forming electrodes on passive components
    Contributes to low ESR when using on extracting electrode materials for capacitors
    Achieves even lower ESR when using with lead frame adhesives and increases reliability
  • Silver nano particle-related products1

Electrically conductive adhesive MDot


  • Metal bond
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Specific resistance

The addition of MDot enables low-temperature sintering of metal particles, forming metal bonds and achieving high thermal conductivity and low specific resistance.

< Metal bond type >

Enables non-pressure joining. Forms sintering silver with MDot alone.

Metal bonding with precious metal surfaces (when pressure joining, base metal also possible)

Metal bond type

< Metal bond + resin adhesive type >

Uses MDot to achieve bonds between the metalized surface and silver particles. Forms sintered silver with MDot and silver particles.

Resin achieves substrate adhesion, strengthening the joining layer.

Metal bond + resin adhesive type

Example of use

Bonding semiconductor chips and lead frames

Sintering auxiliary agent

The added silver nano particles are sintered in between the metal particles, improving various types of performance, such as electrical conductivity and heat radiation.
Contact resistance with the conductive base material is reduced.


  • Low specific resistance
  • Low contact resistance

Adding MDot to conductive paste and conductive adhesives achieves low specific resistance, low contact resistance and high thermal conductivity.

Silver nano particle-related products2

Transmission electron micrograph

Example of use

Cu (Ag coat 10%), thermal curing with epoxy resin
MDot added to thermally curing conductive paste

Firing conditions: 190°C, 30min

Silver nano particles as a percentage of metal particles (Ωcm)

Can be dispersed in various polar solvents and liquid resins.
Dispersed in the solvent of your choice and supplied as a paste.

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