Electronic materials and coating materials
Electronic materials and coating materials

Resistive paste

These pastes are available from moderately to ultra-low resistance levels. We are expanding our lineup of base metal resistive pastes.

In recent years, for resistor components and built-in resistors, demand has grown for measures to counter the sulfuration of Ag electrodes and improve migration resistance. One measure has been to use copper-based conductors.
Firing of copper-based conductors requires a nitrogen atmosphere, but with the ruthenium oxide type or Ag/Pd pastes principally used at present, firing in a nitrogen atmosphere reduces the resistive and glass elements, changes that result in unstable resistance values.
The Cu/Ni type and other base metal thick-film resistive pastes that we have developed and manufacture can be used with firing in a nitrogen atmosphere, so resistance values do not become unstable.
Our ultra-low resistive products are particularly well suited to this use.

Resistive pastes

Resistive paste


  • Allows for firing in a nitrogen atmosphere, so can be used alongside substrates with Cu electrodes and wiring
  • Achieves low TCR even with ultra-low resistant 10mΩ chips
  • We are expanding the scope of compatible resistance values through technological development
  • Achieves lower cost than the use of ruthenium oxide-type and Ag/Pd-type resistor materials
  • Includes no lead or other environmentally hazardous substances


Developed products

  • For atmospheric firing
  • For aluminum nitride substrates
  • Surface resistance 1 Ω/square–1k Ω/square or more


  • For screen printing
  • For nitrogen firing at 800°C-900°C
  • For alumina substrate
  • Surface resistance 70 mΩ/square-1Ω /square
  • TCR ±100 ppm/°C

Example of use

Low-resistance chips for current detection, built-in resistor for module resistance, other chip resistance, etc.

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