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CSR Basic Policy

CSR Basic Policy and SDGs Initiatives

The Mitsuboshi Belting Group's CSR activities are based on the basic philosophy of "To give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature." and we aim to coexist with our stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, local communities, etc.) by pursuing advanced technological capabilities to provide advanced ideas and "high performance, high precision, and high quality". We will strive for a comfortable and prosperous future by coexisting with our stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, local communities, etc.) and continuously contributing to people and society. We will continue to contribute to people and society, aiming for a comfortable and prosperous future.

Contribution to society

By providing safe and highly reliable products based on superior technology, we will contribute to the world's "manufacturing" by cooperating with related business partners and playing a part in the products needed by society.


Cooperation and cooperation with the local community

We value communication with society at large, and contribute to society by coordinating and coordinating with local communities while fulfilling our business activities.


Contribution to the global environment

We aim to create a company that is always conscious of coexistence with the global environment by creating products that have less impact on the environment and promoting environmental conservation as a group.


Respect for human rights

We will respect the human rights of people and employees in society, and aim to be a company where each employee can work comfortably, play an active role, and provide a rewarding workplace.


Continuous strengthening of business governance

We aim to be a company where both the Group and its stakeholders can grow together by complying with laws and regulations and continuing legal business activities.


Positioning of SDGs promotion organization

We will establish the "SDGs Promotion Committee" chaired by the officer in charge appointed by the president to formulate and promote specific activity plans.