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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to the website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) provided by Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).

This website uses “cookies” to collect certain data in order to analyze customer usage and improve our services. However, if you provide us with personal information by downloading materials, filling out inquiry forms, or registering for our newsletter, that access data will be linked to your personal data and managed accordingly.

Please read our Cookie Policy carefully before using our website. By accessing, browsing or using this website, you will be deemed to have agreed to our Cookie Policy.

Therefore, if you do not agree with this Cookie Policy, we ask that you disable cookies or refrain from using our website.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are a functionality that stores information about a user’s visits to websites in the device used by the user.

There are two types of cookies — session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily for the duration of the user’s visit to the website. Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s computer after they visit our website for a specified period of time or until the user manually deletes them.

2. The purpose of using cookies

We use cookies to improve the efficiency of your browsing on our website, for example, by automatically identifying your device when you browse our website or use certain web services by storing a cookie on your device, so that you can be provided with services as a continuation of your previous visit without having to repeatedly enter the same information.

3. Assessing usage and considering service improvements

We may use the information collected through cookies to analyze your use of our website (access status, traffic, etc.), enhance the performance of our website itself and improve the services we provide you.

Cookie data obtained from this website does not contain any information that can identify individual customers.

This website uses Google Analytics, HubSpot, and BowNow for that analysis, and each tool uses its own cookies. All information collected by cookies is turned into statistics and does not personally identify you. Such information will be managed in accordance with the privacy policies of Google, HubSpot, and Cloud CIRCUS. Please refer to the following URLs for the terms of use of Google Analytics, and the privacy and cookie policies of Google, HubSpot and Cloud CIRCUS.

■Google Analytics
Tool provider: Google Inc.
Information collected through this tool: Customer website usage (access status, traffic, routing, etc.)
 Google Analytics Terms of Service 
 Google Privacy Policy 

Tool provider: HubSpot Japan Co., Ltd.
Information collected through this tool: Website usage (access, traffic, routing, etc.)
 HubSpot Privacy Policy 
 HubSpot Cookie Policy 

Tool provider: Cloud CIRCUS, Inc.
Information collected through this tool: Website usage (access, traffic, routing, etc.)
 BowNow Privacy Policy


4. How to disable cookies

(1) How to disable all cookies

Cookies stored on your device remain on your device until you delete them or they expire. Most popular browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but it is also possible to disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser. However, please note that if cookies are disabled, some website features may not be available, or some pages may not display properly.

Please refer to the following links for information on how to change your browser’s cookie settings.

 Google Chrome 
 Microsoft Edge 
 Mac Safari 
 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch Safari 
 Mozilla Firefox 

(2) How to disable individual cookies

If you wish to opt out of being analyzed by Google Analytics, please download the “Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On” from the URL below and install it on your browser.
 Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On 

If you do not want HubSpot to analyze your information, please see “How to manage cookies” at the end of our Cookie Policy.
 HubSpot Cookie Policy 

If you wish to opt out of BowNow’s cookies, please click “Enable Opt-Out” on the following page.
 BowNow Opt-Out

5. Cookie policy changes

The Cookie Policy is subject to change without prior notice. Please check back periodically when using our website. The latest cookie policy supersedes all previous versions.

6. Contact

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Cookie Policy, please contact us using our Contact form.