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Investor Relations

President's Message

We would like to thank our shareholders for their continued support.

During the consolidated fiscal year under review, the global economy was on a recovery track due to the easing or lifting of restrictions on activities related to the novel coronavirus infection. On the other hand, the economic outlook remains uncertain and unpredictable, with soaring raw material and energy prices due to supply chain disruptions and the prolonged invasion of Ukraine by Russia, rising interest rates due to suppressed inflation, and rapid yen exchange rate fluctuations.

In this environment, we reviewed our Mid-Term Business Plan (FY2021-FY2023) in May 2022, and will work to establish a strong corporate structure that is resilient to change, starting with strengthening our financial position to improve capital efficiency, and increase our earnings and balance sheet. We are also committed to the SDGs based on our corporate philosophy "To give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature," and will promote the creation of a company that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through its business activities.

We would like to ask our shareholders for their continued support and encouragement.