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News Releases


Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. will exhibit at MOBAC SHOW 2021, which will be held from March 9th (Tuesday) to 12th (Friday) 2021.
At this exhibition, we would like to introduce conveyor belt products and high-performance engineering plastic materials for food factories, which comply with new Food Sanitation Law and support our customers in HACCP compliance.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Our Booth

Featured Products

Multifunctional blue belt

・Antibacterial and antifungal
・Thread fraying prevention
・Mirror surface
・Low shrinkage
・Sodium hypochlorite resistance
・Moisture and heat resistance
・Oil resistant.

This belt complies with the new Food Sanitation Law.


HS Print

"HS print" achieves both print sharpness and non-adhesiveness of the belt surface. Coating belt surface with a transparent hybrid silicone resin that has excellent non-adhesiveness after printing articles on the belt surface, it can also be used forhighly sticky items such as bread dough.

Exhibition Information

 Period March 9th ~ 12th, 2021
10:00 ~ 17:00
 Hall 2 
 Booth No.219
 URL https://www.mobacshow.com/index_e.html (MOBAC SHOW 2021 Top page)
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