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The History of Mitsuboshi Belting

The History of Mitsuboshi Belting
October 1919 Mitsuboshi Shokai was established to manufacture cotton belts at the present Kobe Plant site.
March 1920 Main products were shifted from cotton belts to rubber belts.
October 1932 The business was incorporated as Mitsuboshi
Shokai Co., Ltd.
June 1935 The company name was changed to Mitsuboshi Chotai Co., Ltd.
March 1936 Manufacture of conveyor belts began.
June 1937 Tokyo Branch opened.
October 1940 Manufacture of V-belt began.
January 1947 Manufacture of bicycle tires and tubes began.
November 1947 Shikoku Plant was built and manufacture of flat belts began.
November 1948 Osaka Branch opened.
June 1955 Nagoya Branch opened.
May 1957 Manufacture of timing belts began.
July 1958 Listed on Osaka Securities Exchange.
May 1961 The company name was changed to Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.
June 1961 Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange.
January 1962 Nagoya Plant was built.
May 1962 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July 1963 Manufacture of waterproofing sheet began.
April 1965 Manufacture of automobile interior components began.
July 1973 Manufacture of automobile exterior components began.
February 1977 MBL (Europe) B.V. was established in Netherlands.
July 1977 Mitsuboshi Belting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore.
September 1977 Kanagawa Plant was established through the transfer of manufacturing facilities for automotive components from Mitsuboshi Belting Kanagawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
April 1980 Manufacture of engineering structural foams began.
October 1982 Manufacture of ChemiFlex products from polyurethane materials began.
September 1986 Shiga Plant was built; cord treatment for power transmission belt began.
December 1987 Mitsuboshi Belting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.
February 1988 MBL Antriebstechnik Deutschland GmbH was established in Germany.
March 1988 Production plant was built for MBL (USA) CORPORATION.
September 1988 PT. Mitsuboshi Belting Indonesia was established.
May 1990 MBL International (Asia) Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore.
Completed construction of a plant at P.T. Mitsuboshi Belting (Indonesia).
October 1992 Head Office was moved to Harborland Center Building, Kobe.
January 1995 The Great Hanshin Earthquake damaged part of Head Office and the Kobe Plant.
November 1996 P.T. SEIWA INDONESIA was established as a subsidiary of Mitsuboshi Belting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
February 1999 Mitsuboshi Belting Giken Co., Ltd. was established in Ayabe City, Kyoto, for the purpose of developing and testing production systems.
October 1999 Held ceremony to commemorate 80th anniversary of establishment.
January 2000 Head offices were placed in Kobe and Tokyo.
April 2000 Techno Research Center was established adjacent to the Kobe head offi ce.
June 2000 MBL International (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore changed its business purpose and was renamed MITSUBOSHI OVERSEAS HEADQUARTERS LIMITED.
November 2000 Head Office was moved to Nagata Ward, Kobe
August 2001 MOI Tech Europe Sp.z o.o. was established in Poland.
November 2001 Stars Technologies Industrial Limited was established in Thailand.
June 2002 MBL Shanghai International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in China.
January 2003 Domestic sales agencies were consolidated into Mitsuboshi Belting Sales Co., Ltd.
October 2003 Operating officer system was introduced.
April 2004 SUZHOU MITSUBOSHI BELTING CO., LTD. was established in China.
October 2004 Automotive components division was split to Mitsuboshi Belting Kaseihin Co., Ltd.
September 2006 All stocks of Mitsuboshi Belting Kaseihin Co.,Ltd. were handed over to International Automotive Components Group Japan,LLC.
October 2007 Ayabe Production System Development Center started its operation with the integrated production system from raw materials to finished products.
August 2012 Mitsuboshi Belting VIETNAM Co., Ltd. was established.
January 2015 Held an advertising pillar lighting ceremony to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the earthquake.
February 2015 Released Smart Tension, a simple belt tension measurement app for smartphones.
October 2019 Celebrated its 100th anniversary.100th anniversary site
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