Corporate profile
Corporate profile

Corporate Overview

Trade Name Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.
Established October 10, 1919
Capital 8,150,251,031 yen (March 31, 2020)
Employees 4,277 (Non-consolidated: 727) (March 31, 2020)
Shares Shareholders : 4,632(March 31, 2020)
Authorized shares : 130,000,000 shares
Issued shares : 32,604,198 shares (March 31, 2020)
Stock listings : First Sections of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Shortened form of name: Mitsuboshi Belting
Lines of Business ▓ Power Transmission Belts and related products
▓ Conveyor Belts and Systems, related products
▓ Engineering Plastics
▓ Engineering Structural Foam
▓ Waterproofing and Water Shielding Sheet
▓ Metal Nanoparticles Related Products
Board of Directors
(June 26,2020)
PresidentHajime Kakiuchi
Member of the BoardYoshio Yamaguchi
Member of the BoardMasayoshi Nakajima
Member of the BoardTakashi Katayama
Member of the BoardHiroshi Ikeda
Member of the BoardRyuzo Miyao
Member of the BoardShinya Okuda
Corporate Auditor (standing)Kenkichi Masuda
Corporate AuditorYoshio Okushima
Corporate AuditorYasuhiro Tsuji
Corporate AuditorJun Tanaka
Executive Officers
(June 26, 2020)
President, Executive OfficerHajime Kakiuchi
Senior Managing Executive OfficerYoshio Yamaguchi
Senior Managing Executive OfficerMasayoshi Nakajima
Vice-Senior Managing Executive OfficerTakashi Katayama
Managing Executive OfficerHiroshi Ikeda
Managing Executive OfficerTakeshi Hamura
Managing Executive OfficerTakashi Sasaki
Managing Executive OfficerKeiji Mataba
Managing Executive OfficerShinji Kuramoto
Managing Executive OfficerToru Shimomura
Managing Executive OfficerToshimi Kumazaki
Managing Executive OfficerKazutoshi Ishida
Executive OfficerKazuhiro Takeda
Executive OfficerToshimichi Takada
Executive OfficerNaotsugu Morita
Executive OfficerAkihiro Nagata
Executive OfficerNobuyasu Nishikawa
Executive OfficerIsao Ideguchi
Executive OfficerMasaru Matsui
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