Hybrid Silicone Belts

Hybrid Silicone Belts

Excellent release properties.
*Hybrid Silicone: copolymer of polyurethane and silicone


□The belt surface is made of a new hybrid silicone material.
□Excellent durability of releasing effect with the material to be conveyed.

Specification Lineup

Cover Type
Cover Type
〇Surface:Hybrid silicone cover with special fabric pattern.
〇Core fabric:Polyester fabric with excellent thread fraying prevention.
〇Low shrinkage fabric:Special fabric that prevents shrinkage due to rubbing in salt, gravy, etc. 
Coated Type
Coated Type
〇Surface:Hybrid silicone coated fabric as adhesive.
〇Core fabric:Polyester fabric.
The core fabric of the blue type is made of polyester fabric with original yarn. The color will not fade. 


It has excellent durability in releasing effect for sticky materials such as bread and gum dough. It also has the effect of reducing the amount of dusting powder, and maintains the sanitation of the conveyor line.
The coating type can also be used for sliding and accumulating applications such as food tray merging lines.

Bread dough transport

Bread dough transport

Food tray transport:NS52U0/0HSBL<br/>(accumulator transfer)

Food tray transport:NS52U0/0HSBL
(accumulator transfer)


For materials that tend to stick or adhere to the belt surface, it is recommended to check with a cut sample in advance.