Silicone Coated Belts

Silicone Coated Belts

Excellent release properties.
High grip strength.


□The belt surface is coated with silicone.
□Excellent release properties and high grip.
□The silicone coating on the polyurethane cover allows easy belt jointing.

Constituent Materials

〇Surface:Silicone coating on oil-resistant polyurethane.<br/>〇Core fabric:Non-fray polyester fabric.

〇Surface:Silicone coating on oil-resistant polyurethane.
〇Core fabric:Non-fray polyester fabric.


Its excellent gripping and releasing properties make it ideal for use in conveyor lines for freshly baked bread and chocolates.

Chocolate transport:NS32UEG0/3SI

Chocolate transport:NS32UEG0/3SI


Please refrain from installing a scraper, as it will lead to silicone wear.