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MITSUBOSHI's Technological Capabilities The Story behind the Development of the "Low Friction Loss Belt"


The "Low Friction Loss Belt," the World's First Accessory Belt to Achieve Low Fuel Consumption and Noise Generation Resistance

In the Japanese automotive industry, competition to reduce fuel consumption is becoming increasingly fierce. To meet these demands, Mitsuboshi Belting has taken the global lead by succeeding in the development of a Low Friction Loss Belt for accessory systems. By reducing the amount of heat generated in the belt rib section, we have succeeded in stemming the loss of flexure due to twisting and deformation. By reducing the fuel consumption associated with accessory belts, which are one of the some 30,0000 parts that make up an automobile, this breakthrough product also helps lower noise generation and friction resistance, leading to its uptake by a growing number of automakers.But can a simple accessory belt actually contribute to reduced fuel consumption? How did we succeed in developing a Low Friction Loss Belt-something that both our customers in the automobile industry and our own engineers thought to be impossible? Mitsuboshi Belting's development team-a group of specialists from our materials development, design, assessment and sales technology departments-tells the story of this development over the course of approximately three years.

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