Copper Paste (High-temperature firing type)

Copper Paste (High-temperature firing type)

    After screen printing and sintering on ceramic substrates, conductors are formed with high adhesion and reliability. We also offer paste printing on substrates.(Thick film circuit board)


Lineup includes alumina substrates, aluminum nitride substrates, and laminate thickeners (without adhesion components).
・Viscosity and thixotropy can be adjusted according to printing patterns.
・Firing film thickness is from 5 ?m~ and baking temperature is from 650℃.
・Does not contain environmentally hazardous substances such as lead (Pb).

Achievement・Assumed Applications

・Chip resistors, internal electrode formation
・LED mounted circuit package substrates, electrode formation
・Assumed applications
・Cold/heat modules (Peltier), Internal electrodes


・Firing should be performed under a nitrogen atmosphere.
・Other handling precautions shall be in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each product.


・ We accept commission firing.
・If you do not have a nitrogen displacement furnace, please let us know.
・We can also offer our resistance paste and glass paste with good matching.
・"CUX" is a trademark for Mitsuboshi Belting's copper-related products.