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Terms of Use

This website is managed and operated by Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. (the Company). By using this website, users agree to the following terms and conditions.


The Company takes appropriate measures with regard to handling the information contained in this website. However, the Company makes no guarantees with regard to recent updates of this information or the utility of its content. Furthermore, the operation of this website may be interrupted or discontinued without prior notice, and information contained in this website may be revised or deleted. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage such actions may have on users using the website.


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Linking to This Website

When setting up a link to our website, please link to the top page, as the URL of each page is subject to change or be deleted without notice. Links from websites that fall under any of the following categories are prohibited.

・Websites that contain content that is libelous or defamatory of the Company, the Company group, or third parties.
・Websites that violate or may violate laws, regulations, or ordinances.
・Websites that contain content that may offend public order and morals or social ethics.
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・Other websites that the Company deems inappropriate.

When we request the deletion of a link to our Web site, you are required to comply with the request immediately. In addition, we are not liable for any damages related to the link to our website.

Use of SSL (Encryption)

This website employs SSL for the encryption of important personal and other information sent and received over the Internet to prevent such information from being accessed. Accordingly, there is no need for concern about such information being read, and the site can be used with peace of mind. The Company employs authentication provided by Amazon Web Services, Inc. for encrypted communication. Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a globally trusted organization in Internet authentication and the issuance and management of electronic authentication certificates.