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About Us

Management Policy


To act with pride in how we stand today and look forward to the future.

Corporate Philosophy

Management Principle

To contribute to society by supplying goods of high performance,
high precision and high quality.

Mitsuboshi Belting Group Code of Conduct for Compliance

  1. Mitsuboshi Belting Group Code of Conduct

    1. Compliance

      • We, the Mitsuboshi Belting Group, will act in good faith and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and social norms of each country and region where we conduct business activities.
      • We will respect corporate ethics, abide by internal regulations, and will not engage in any misconduct.
      • We will execute operations and education based on our policy and framework for thorough compliance on various systems, including the internal reporting system.

    2. Human rights and labor

      • We will support and respect the protection of personality and human rights.
      • We will not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, creed, ethnicity, immigration, disability, poverty marital status, family status, or any other reason.
      • We will not engage in inhumane treatment, including abuse, corporal punishment and any form of harassment, or any act that violates the dignity of a person.
      • We will pay fair wages in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
      • We will comply with the legal working hours and holidays.
      • We will not engage in any forms of forced labor.
      • We will not unreasonably require employees to hand over their identity documents or work permits, or unreasonably collect deposits.
      • We will not employ children under the legal working age.
      • We will guarantee our employees’ freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

    3. Environment

      • We will establish an environmental management system that ensures the continuous improvement of our performance on environmental issues, and we will strive to conserve resources and energy.
      • We will work to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
      • We will work to reduce and recycle waste.
      • We will work to manage and reduce wastewater, sludge, and exhaust emissions.
      • We will strive to make effective use of water resources and address water risks.
      • We will properly manage chemical substances in products and will grasp and report the amount of chemical substances handled to the regulating authorities.
      • We will not use any substances prohibited by laws and regulations in our products and manufacturing processes.
      • We will conduct all business activities, including raw materials procurement, in consideration of the conservation of biodiversity and will strive to realize a sustainable society where people and nature coexist in harmony.

    4. Fair corporate activities

      • We will conduct fair trade that respects commercial ethics and free competition and will not engage in private monopolies, unreasonable trade restrictions, or unfair trade practices (such as unfair competition and abuse of superior bargaining position).
      • We will establish appropriate relationships with local governments and public officials, as well as customers and suppliers, and will take measures to prevent corruption.
      • We will eliminate any relationships with antisocial forces and organizations.
      • We will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, such as patent rights, copyrights, and trademark rights.
      • We will establish points of contact for complaints and consultation and guarantee the protection of whistleblowers.
      • We will not engage in insider trading.
      • We will act in a way to avoid situations that may cause a conflict of interest with the company.

    5. Quality

      • Based on our management principle "To contribute to society by supplying goods of high performance, high precision, and high quality," we will execute our duties, keeping in mind that quality assurance for customers is our top priority.
      • We will provide safe and superior quality products and services.
      • We will promptly respond to complaints with sincerity.

    6. Safety and health

      • To ensure that everyone can work with peace of mind, we will appropriately manage the health and safety of our employees and prevent accidents and disasters.
      • We will comply with health- and safety-related laws and regulations and health and safety management guidelines.
      • We will work to prevent occupational accidents through risk assessment and health and safety training.

    7. Information security

      • We will identify the information assets to be protected and manage and protect them appropriately.
      • We will comply with laws and regulations on information security as well as contractual security requirements.
      • In the event of an information security-related incident or accident, we will promptly investigate the cause and strive to minimize damage and prevent recurrence.

    8. Supply chain

      • We will disseminate CSR Guidelines, which are based on our Code of Conduct, to our suppliers to promote the implementation of sustainability initiatives.
      • We will conduct procurement activities in consideration of the effects on local communities of the use of raw materials that may cause social problems, such as human rights issues and environmental issues, and will take measures to avoid their use if there is any concern.

    9. Coexistence with local communities

      • We will value partnerships with local communities.
      • We will conduct social contribution activities that will lead to solving issues of local communities.

    10. Information disclosure

      • We will disclose information to our stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure the transparency of our corporate activities.

    Nov 1, 2022

    Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

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