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Terms related to Metallized ceramic substrates

◆Cu Substrate with filled via
Cu paste is poured into multiple holes (vias) in a ceramic substrate to fill them. We fill them by printing Cu paste on the substrate.
◆Mirror Polishing (lap polishing)
This is the process of polishing the surface of the via filling area until there are almost no irregularities. Polishing the entire substrate after via filling further improves the smoothness of the filled area. Mirror Polishing is superior in smoothness, and lapping polishing is superior in cost performance.
◆Screen printing
A screen plate with multiple holes, called a screen plate, is placed on a substrate, and paste is further printed on top of it to form a specific shape on the substrate.
◆Mesh Version
A common plate used in screen printing methods.
◆Metal Mask
A jig used for printing paste on a substrate. A pattern is formed on a substrate by creating a microscopic notch pattern on a thin stainless steel plate and brushing paste onto the notch pattern.
It is a liquid emulsion of liquid chemicals that are insoluble in water and dispersed finely and homogeneously.
◆Belt Firing Furnace
A firing furnace in which multiple firing conditions are continuously passed through the furnace by means of a mesh belt, etc.
◆Batch Firing Furnace
This is a non-continuous firing furnace in which a fixed number of items are heated in the furnace.