Functional products
Functional products

Cast-Nylon Worm Wheel

High resin properties are achieved by molding during the polymerization process. Widely utilized as gears and gear material when continuous heat resistance of 100°C or less is required.

Worm Wheel (Cast Nylon )


1. Resin and metal compounding

High binding force realized by molding with metal during the polymerization process.

2. Highly functional gears and gear material

High-performance gears and gear material realized owing to the high sliding and wear resistance characteristics of Cast Nylon.

3. High productivity

Capable of handling order volumes of several thousand to tens of thousands all manufactured on Mitsuboshi Belting’s original dedicated line.


OD: Outer diameter, ID: Inner diameter

Product example 1 73mm OD x 25mm ID x 11mm thick (resin layer)
Product example 2 103mm OD x 18mm ID x 20mm thick (resin layer)
Product example 3 84mm OD x 25mm ID x 18mm thick (resin layer)
Product example 4 92mm OD x 22mm ID x 10mm thick (resin layer)
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