General industrial transmission belts, pulleys and related products
General industrial transmission belts

Polyurethane Belt


Mainly used for electric power tools and home appliances, this belt combines the V-belt's high power transmission and a flat belt's flexibility. In addition it is also useful for compact systems and energy saving.



With worldwide use of polyurethane V-belts, it achieves narrow drive pulleys and compact designs. Multi types are available.


MB Belt

Mainly used for sewing machines, home appliances, and precision instruments, this is a compact belt for light load transmission with a beautiful translucent exterior.

MB Belt

STARROPE/ SUPER STARROPE / Plain V-rope / Plain Hexagonal-rope

Can be easily welding by heat sealing and can be used in free length layout. Suitable for single or multiple use in simple light loads or conveyance.

STARROPE™/SUPER STARROPE™ Plain V-rope /Plain Hexagonal-rope
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