Electronic materials and coating materials
Electronic materials and coating materials

Glass coatings and inks
for light diffusion

These products maintain high light transmittance while hiding light sources and preserving privacy.

Used in such items as LED lighting covers and for ensuring privacy with glass partitions, these coatings retain high brightness (light transmittance) while preventing light sources and people on the other side of the glass from being seen.

We offer a diverse range of products depending on the customer’s coating method, such as spraying, screen printing or dipping, as well as their use.



  • These products offer a high light diffusion effect while retaining transmittance.
  • Adhesiveness to glass is superb, suiting them for use in a variety of environments.
  • As the coatings are thermally cured, they provide superior adhesiveness, durability, heat resistance and chemical resistance.
  • As they are heat-compatible, there is no restriction on their hot life, and workability is superb.


Coating method  
Spray coating, dipping, flow coating MITSUBOSHI Hi-COLOR S
Screen printing MITSUBOSHI Hi-COLOR F
Baking conditions  
Standard baking product 150-200°C, 30 minutes
Low baking product 100-180°C, 30 minutes

Example of use

On covers for LED and other lighting fixtures
To ensure privacy and enhance design on partitions

  • Hall partitionHall partition
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