Electronic materials and coating materials
Electronic materials and coating materials

Glass coatings and inks
to cut UV light

These products are used to cut specific ultraviolet light over a long period and can be used in a variety of environments to keep insects away.

By cutting ultraviolet light, these products achieve a variety of functions. As the coatings themselves are highly resistant to ultraviolet light, they retain their functionality for long periods of time. They are also useful as long-lasting coatings to keep insects away.



  • While retaining high transmittance, these products cut specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light.
  • The coatings are available as transparent, semi-transparent, white or colored.
  • Adhesiveness to glass is superb, suiting them for use in a variety of environments.
  • As the coatings are thermally cured, they provide superior adhesiveness, durability, heat resistance and chemical resistance.
  • As they are heat-compatible, there is no restriction on their pot life, and workability is superb.


Coating method  
Spray coating, dipping, flow coating MITSUBOSHI Hi-COLOR S
Screen printing MITSUBOSHI Hi-COLOR F
Baking conditions  
Standard baking product 150-200°C, 30 minutes
Low baking product 100-180°C, 30 minutes

Example of use

As coatings to keep insects away
As coatings for lamps in in-store lighting to prevent discoloration due to ultraviolet light

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